Family Camp Work Crew

Thank you for your interest in joining the work crew for Family Camp!

Work crew is a significant time commitment (4-5 hours) each day of camp, and may include the following shifts:

  • Dishes (1-1.5 hours after each meal). This requires using an industrial dish machine (must be high school or older) and rinsing, washing, air drying, and putting away clean dishes
  • Meal service (1 hour before each meal + 1-1.5 hours after each meal)
  • Prep buffet lines: Assist Kitchen Crew with preparing meal buffet tables with appropriate chafing dishes, serving utensils, condiments.
  • Bus tables post meals: breakdown dining tables, take dirty dishes to dishroom, clean and sanitize tables, sweep dining room floors.


  • Free room and board for all nights (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)
  • No cost registration

Please indicate your interest below and if selected for work crew, we'll be in touch. Note: as with all campers, work crew volunteers must agree to PKU Family Camp's Covid-19 policy.

Cell phone preferred