Camp FAQ

Nope, this is FAMILY CAMP! For in-person camp, there must be at least one adult in each party attending camp. This is a great place for kids, young adults, adults, and entire families to be with their IEM community. For virtual camp, a child can technically participate alone, but it’s more fun together. You’ll need to register each camper for virtual camp if they will a) log into camp using a separate device or b) want to receive a camp box with tshirt, cooking kit etc.
No, as per our policy only eligible campers (those 5 years or older) must be fully vaccinated; kids 12 and up, and adults, need to be boosted.
It is lodge style housing in which each family has a large private bunk room with a private bath. Rooms hold 9-12, so if you are coming with friends or a big family group, you can all room together! See this picture. Meals are communal.
You’ll receive a kit in the mail that contains pre-measured ingredients so the whole family can follow along! The demo video may be pre-recorded, but Brenda will be there to guide you and chat with you throughout!
Some participation will be live (craft kids and more) and other events you can do on your own schedule and submit pictures. We’ll record our Friday night Science Night for a Saturday replay with a live online Q&A afterwards with the panel. Be sure to show up for the live Olympics medal ceremony!
See our detailed comparison of Virtual and In-Person Camp here!