Cambrooke Reformulates Glytactin & Tylactin RTD Products [see updated link below]

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November 2022: As you may have heard from your clinic (or social media), Cambrooke has reformulated its Glytactin and Tylactin RTD products (with the exception of Glytactin RTD 15 Lite and Tylactin RTD 15 Chocolate).  We heard from the community that this transition was unexpected, and unwelcome, and reached out to Cambrooke for more information. They provided the following answers to our questions: 

GLYTACTIN and TYLACTIN RTD were created 7 years ago. Nutrition recommendations are always advancing based on the latest research. Ajinomoto Cambrooke understands reformulating metabolic formulas is not always desired by the metabolic community. However, it is important to meet nutrition guidelines and metabolic needs through our formulas. We are devoted to keeping taste as similar as possible while updating formulas with the latest nutrition innovations. 

  • Lower Phe with GMPure
  • Less added sugar
  • Added DHA
  • Optimized bone health blend
    • Increased Vitamin D
    • Added Vitamin K2 to help build bone structure

  Current RTD 10 New RTD 10 Current RTD 15 New RTD 15
Calories 153 150 200 200 (same)
Phenylalanine (mg) 18 10 27 15
DHA (mg) 0 50 0 75
Added Sugar (g) 17 4.0 19 4.0 – 4.1
Vitamin D (mcg) 6.3 10 6.3 7
Vitamin K2 (mcg) 0 10 0 15
Allergens Contains milk & soy Contains milk Contains milk & soy Contains milk

  Current RTD 15 New RTD 15
Tyrosine (mg) 3 7.5
DHA (mg) 0 75
Added Sugar (g) 19 4.0
Vitamin D (mcg) 6.3 7.0
Vitamin K2 (mcg) 0 15
Allergens Contains milk & soy Contains milk

Determining when the best time to communicate formula changes is difficult. We used our experience from BetterMilk reformulation last year. Some were ready to switch to the new BetterMilk immediately and had to wait, some did not use our transition kits, and some needed a longer transition period. There is also a limited supply of current RTD. Communicating the changes too early can cause inventory to deplete more quickly and not allow for any transition time.
The pandemic has presented many unpredictable challenges for everyone. It takes a long time to develop both new and reformulated formulas. Formula recalls and shortages were not happening when we made the plan to update GLYTACTIN and TYLACTIN RTD. We have waited as long as possible to make this change.
Everyone is different in how they approach transitioning to a new formula. We know some will like the new RTD and others may need a longer transition. We will support your needs as best as we can. Please call Customer Service at 866-456-9776, option 2 or email [email protected].
Cambrooke has many formula options including reformulated BetterMilk and SWIRL. RTD 10 is different from RTD 15. You may want to consider trying one of the other new RTDs. We want to help you find something that works for you.
The new GLYTACTIN RTD cartons have the GMPure leaf instead of a 10 PE or 15 PE box. The new TYLACTIN RTD carton label text will change from purple to blue.

The GLYTACTIN RTD Lite 15 will not be changing. They already have many of the new features changing in GLYTACTIN RTD 10 & 15. TYLACTIN RTD 15 Chocolate is a new formula and will not be changing.

Ordering information will not change for GLYTACTIN RTD 10 & 15 and TYLACTIN RTD 15 Original. New RTD will be available at the end of November. If you receive your formula through a DME, it may take additional time until the DME has gone through their current RTD inventory. Canada will follow the same timeline.

In line with new government regulations banning the use of harmful single-use plastics to protect the environment, Cambrooke has stopped shipping ready-to-drink formulas with straws. This includes:


  • GLYTACTIN RTD 10 & 15 Chocolate, Original
  • GLYTACTIN RTD Lite 15 Coffee Mocha, Vanilla


  • TYLACTIN RTD 15 Chocolate, Original

The peel back foil tab can be removed by pulling one of the bottom corners on the front of the formula carton and pulling up. You can either completely remove the foil or just pull enough until you have your desired opening and drink.

Straws have been removed starting in the fall and formula cases without straws are currently shipping.