Thank You

We appreciate the support of the entire PKU community, many anonymous donors, and these individuals in particular, who contributed to our 2017 year-end campaign.

Allison and Garrett Finnegan
Amy and Brian Oliver
Amy and Paul Snifka
Andrea Cardinal and James Holland
Ann Ward
Bill & Patty Bendel
Brian Riggle
Burford Duckworth
Carol and Dennis Van Amburg
Carolyn and Russell Pierson
Catherine Minteer
Christina Burniche
Conor Byrnes
Cotton & Keaton Otto-Eversall
Dan and Gayle Heskin
Denise and James Byrnes
Denise and Peter Gariepy
Donna Brown
Eileen Flood
Ellen Dugan & Arnold Pellegrinelli
Emily and Christopher Leighow
Finkel Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Gina Annunzio
Grant Austgen
Hannah and Arthur Hunt
Harold and Barbara Martin
Henry Nicholson and Susan Nicholson Davis
In honor of Abby Williams
In honor of Chandler Owings
In honor of Layla Rose Marshall
In honor of Rita and Tom Sweeney
In honor of Rory McCabria
In honor of Wade Warnock
In honor of Weston & Zemerson Yoder
Janet Kean
Jill Andrews
Jill Meier and Jerry Elkins
Jim and Sandy Dorion
John and Mary Anne Chism
Judith Bastubee
Judy Rogers
Julia Dubois
Kassels Family (Thinking of the Haber Family)
Kathleen Abbott
Laureen Keough and James Cooper
Les Clark
Linda Wells
Loren and Delight Lacey
Lorna Brown
Marge Kuzin
Mary & Matt Gubenski
Mary and Robert Winiarski
Mary Kay and Dennis Flood
Michael and Maureen Conti
Minerva and Robert Dubuss
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Goldstein
Natasha Hafez
On behalf of Abigail Palace
On behalf of Judy Melville
On behalf of Leila Al-Qallaf
On behalf of Lin Brummels Daehnke
On behalf of Lydia Sachs
On behalf of Madison Keller
On behalf of Theo Blutstein
Pam and Maynard Mittelsteadt
Patty Kilgen
Priscilla and Johnmichael Debartolo
Richard and Ginny Michaux
Richard and Nancy Runnels
Richard and Rosemarie Dobronsky
Rocco & Emily Prisco
Rose and Tom Christovich
Sawyer Richards
Stanley Viergutz
Steven and Nicole Lipowski
Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson
Susan Flowers
Sybil White
The Lanier Family
Thomas and Patricia Keegan
Tricia Layton
Vernon Gladu
Wendy Rocco
William and Alice Kelly
William and Donna Ryan