Medical Nutrition Equity Act under Committee Consideration

Is your state highlighted on this map? If so, it’s time to take action. The Medical Nutrition Equity Act (S. 1194 and HR. 2587) is under consideration by several key Congressional committees. These committees are determined based on what parts of the government would be affected by the bill.

Co-Sponsor Senator Chuck Grassley has officially requested a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) Score for the bill, which is an estimate of how much the bill would cost the government. This is a very important step because it gives all senators and representatives something they can understand, budget for, and argue in support of (hopefully!).

Committee members can be key supporters of a bill. If they co-sponsor, the bill is more likely to move forward. If your state is shown here, take action now by visiting (no login required) and selecting your state (HMP subscribers, you’ll find a link on your favorites page directly to your advocacy alert).