Drug Products Containing Phenylalanine

The information in this table of the phe content of aspartame-containing drug products was gathered by PKU father and pharmacist, Brandon Garde, Fairhaven, MA.The table only includes name-brand products. There are so many different generic companies producing some of these products, particularly the vitamins, that it would be nearly impossible to make a complete listing of every generic manufacturer with the amount of phenylalanine in each of their products. But these tables provide a good guideline for what kind of products might contain aspartame as a sweetener (for example, chewable vitamins), so a pharmacist has a good idea about which product labels need to be closely read. In the U.S., any non-prescription medicine will list the phe content on the outside label. This will NOT apply to herbal products since they are not regulated by the FDA. Any prescription medicine will list the Phe content in the package insert, which the pharmacist should have readily available.Any product that targets children as its main consumer has a high likelihood of containing aspartame. The product labeling should be carefully checked. The same is true for any product that is labeled “sugar-free.”Phenylalanine content equals one half the amount of aspartame. If a products label lists the amount of aspartame in mg, divide that number by 2 and you’ll know how much phe is in the product. Some drug products now actually contain the phe content on the label.

Remember: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Generic brands are not included. Check with a pharmacist of you have questions about aspartame in medicines. (Last Updated in 2007).

Cold and Allergy Non-prescription Products
Alka-Seltzer Plus sparkling original flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Cough medicine 11mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Sinus 4mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine cherry flavor 5.6mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine orange zest flavor 4.2mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Flu w/Max-Strength Pain Reliever, honey orange 6.7mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Nose and Throat Cold Medicine, citrus blend 5.6mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine 7.8mg/tablet
Augmentin 200mg 2.1mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg 4.2mg/tablet
Benadryl allergy and sinus fastmelt 4.6mg/tablet
Benadryl allergy chewables 4.2mg/tablet
Benadryl, Childrens allergy and cold fast melt tablets 4.6mg/tablet
Childrens PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold Chewables, Cherry flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Diabetic Tussin Maximum strength DM 8.4mg/teaspoon
Diabetic Tussin Regular strength DM 8.4mg/teaspoon
Halls sugar free menthol cough supressant drops 2mg/drop
Ricola Sugar free herb throat drops 1mg/drop
Robitussin sugar free throat drops 3.37mg/drop
Sudafed childrens chewables 0.78mg/tablet
TheraFlu Maximum strength Flu and Congestion non-drowsy 24mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Flu and Sore throat packets 22mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Severe cold and congestion night time 17mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Severe cold and congestion non-drowsy 17mg/packet
TheraFlu Regular Strength Cold and Sore throat packets 11mg/packet
TheraFlu Regular strength Cough and Cold packet 13mg/packet
Triaminic softchews allergy and congestion 17.6mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews allergy, runny nose and congestion 17.5mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews cough 22.5mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews cough and sore throat 28.1mg/tablet
Wal-Flu Maximum strength non-drowsy Flu, Cough and Cold (Walgreens brand) 0mg phe
Wal-Flu Regular strength Cough and Cold (Walgreens Brand) 0mg phe
Walgreens Effervescent Cold Relief Plus, original flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Wal-Tussin DM Clear (Walgreens brand) 14mg/teaspoon
Valu-Rite Expectorant DM clear cough syrup 14mg/teaspoon
Analgesic Non-prescription Products
Advil, Childrens 50mg chewable tablets grape 2.1mg/tablet
Advil, Junior strength 100mg fruit 4.2mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer PM 4.04mg/tablet
Excedrin Quick Tabs Free
Motrin, Junior Strength chewable tablets 100mg grape 2.8mg/tablet
Motrin. Childrens chewable tablets 50mg orange/grape flavor 1.4mg/tablet
Non-Aspirin, Childrens soft chewable tablets all flavors (Walgreens brand) 6mg/tablet
Non-Aspirin, Junior strength all flavors (Walgreens brand) 12mg/tablet
Tempra quicklets childrens or junior stengths 21mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer antacid and pain relief medicine lemon-lime 9mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief lemon lime 11mg/2 tablets
Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief 9mg/tablet
Chooz antacid/calcium supplement 2.4mg/tablet
Surpass antacid chewable gum extra Strength wintergreen flavor 3.9mg/piece
Surpass antacid chewable gum Regular strength fruit flavor 3.9mg/piece
Citrucel sugar free fiber therapy 52mg/adult dose(10.2gm)
Maalox Quick dissolve Max Stength assorted flavor or lemon flavor 0.9mg/tablet
Maalox Quick dissolve Max Stength wild berry flavor 0.5mg/tablet
Metamucil sugar free fiber Orange flavor 25mg/teaspoon
Reguloid sugar free regular flavor 6mg/rounded teaspoon
Reguloid sugar free orange flavor 30mg/rounded teaspoon
NVP sugar free orange flavor (Walgreens brand) 21mg/teaspoon
Medilax chewable tablets 2mg/tablet
Vitamins and Minerals
Citracal Liquitab Effervescent tablets 12mg/tablet
Bugs Bunny complete, plus iron or plus extra vit C chewable tablets 3mg/tablet
Bugs Bunny childrens chewable tablets 2mg/tablet
Centrum Junior chewable tablets 4mg/tablet
Flinstones vitamins complete or with calcium 2mg/tablet
Garfield complete with mineral chewable vitamins 3mg/tablet
Sunkist multivitamin complete 4mg/tablet
Sunkist multivitamins plus iron or plus extra C chewable tablets 6mg/tablet
Electrolyte Replacement
Pedialyte freezer pops 0mg (updated Jan 2020)
Kao Lectrolyte electrolyte replenisher unflavored or bubble gum 11mg/packet
Kao Lectrolyte electrolyte replenisher grape flavor 23mg/packet
Motion Sickness and Nausea Medicine
Dramamine chewable formula tablets 1.5mg/tablet
Dramamine chewable tablets 1.5mg/tablet
Nauzene chewable tabs for nausea wild cherry 18mg/4 tablets
DentiPatch 0.62mg/system
Kank-a Professional Strength oral solution contains aspartame
Phazyne quick dissolve 125mg chewable tablets 0.4mg/tablet
Antibiotics and Antivirals
Amoxicillin 250mg chew tabs by WarnerChilcott 2mg/tablet
Amoxil 200mg chewable tablet 1.82mg/tablet
Amoxil 400mg chewable tablet 3.64mg/tablet
Augentin 200mg/5ml suspension 7mg/5ml
Augmentin 200mg chewable tablet 2.1mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg chewable tablet 4.2mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg/5ml suspension 7mg/5ml
Augmentin ES 600mg/5ml 7mg/5ml
Cefzil 125mg/5ml 28mg/5ml
Cefzil 250mg/5ml 28mg/5ml
Penicillin V Potassium for Oral Susp (by Warner Chilcott) 4mg/5ml
Videx chewable tablet (all strengths) 36.5mg/tablet
Viracept powder for Oral Suspension 11.2mg/GM of powder
Zyvox 100mg/5ml suspension 20mg/5ml
Zofran ODT 4mg <0.03mg/tablet
Zofran ODT 8mg <0.03mg/tablet
Antilipemics (Cholesterol)
Cholestyramine powder 14mg/packet
Colestid flavored granules 15-18mg/7.5mg dose
Prevalite powder 14mg/packet
Questran Lite powder 17 mg / 5 gm
Antipsycotics and Antidepressants
Remeron 15ng Soltabs 2.6mg/tablet
Remeron 30mg Soltabs 5.2mg/tablet
Remeron 45mg Soltabs 7.8mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 5mg ODTablet 0.34mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 10mg ODTablet 0.45mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 15mg ODTablet 0.67mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 20mg ODTablet 0.90mg/tablet
Singulair 5mg chewable tablet 0.842mg/tablet
H-2 Antagonists (stomach)
Pepcid 20mg RPD Tablet 1.05mg/tablet
Pepcid 40mg RPD tablet 2.10mg/tablet
Zantac efferdose tablets and granules 16.84mg/150mg
Migraine treatment
Maxalt-MLT 5mg tablet 1.05mg/tablet
Maxalt-MLT 10mg tablet 2.1mg/tablet
Transplant medication
CellCept Oral Suspension 0.56mg/ml