Cook for Love

In July 2018, PKU News will complete our merger with and launch the new community-based version of the web site, featuring a core of recipes from established low-protein chefs. The site will have many additional features, including being optimized for mobile use, advanced searching and filtering options, the ability to scale recipes, and much more. Community members with subscriptions to will soon after be able to publish their own recipes on the site, with all phe/protein/calories validated by

The initial site launch will include recipes from the following:

  • Brenda Winiarski &
  • Virginia Schuett & Dorothy Corry’s Apples to Zucchini
  • Virginia Schuett’s Low Protein Cookery for PKU and Low Protein Bread Machine Baking for PKU
  • Malathy Ramanujam of Taste Connections
  • Laura Hines
  • and other favorite PKU chefs

All recipes will be 100% free to view, save, and print, as before.

Questions? contact [email protected].