Cook for Love Packs the House at the NPKUA Conference

Brenda Winiarski, founder and chef of Cook For Love, and Michelle Hobbs, National PKU News board member, had more than 80 people at their Phlexi-Phe Meal Planning session at the NPKUA conference on July 7th.

Participants got to see (and taste!) several delicious Cook For Love recipes, including:

  • Kentucky Fried Cauliflower
  • Tempura Cauliflower (including a demo of how to make Cauliflower “steaks”) *
  • BBQ Jackfruit, marinated in Brenda’s own homemade BBQ sauce *

*Watch for these on the new Cook For Love site, launching soon.

The session focused on strategies for managing both low-protein and high-protein meals that use similar ingredients and flavors, and look the same, which helps reduce prep time and makes meals more inclusive. The handouts from the session are available here.