Aubrey Womack, Age 18, Kipling, North Carolina

Aubrey, the oldest of 3 children in her family, dreams of becoming a metabolic dietitian, inspired by the dietitians in her PKU clinic and the desire to help others with PKU. She would like to be “someone they can relate to as they go through life with PKU, someone who can let them know that they can do anything they set their minds to.” She says, “I believe that with the right attitude and a solid support system you can’t fail at anything you try to accomplish in life.”

Aubrey is an outstanding student, taking difficult honors and advanced placement classes and maintaining a weighted GPA of 4.2. Still she finds time for many extracurricular activities. She was captain of her school’s swim team and was on the team all four years of high school. She was also on the track team. She also was part of Senior Beta since her freshman year and other clubs such as Mock Trial, Class Ring Committee, Prom Committee, and Foreign Language Leagues. She was in HOSA all 4 years. She also participated in powderpuff football and was a color guard member in the marching band for 2 years. She is active in her church both as a volunteer in community service and in church services, and started a book club at her church for teen girls to inspire the love of reading.

Aubrey was selected as a “North Carolina Scholar” for her academic work, and won first place in a school-wide writing competition. She is a member of the National Technical Honors Society and since her junior year, has taken college level classes through a local community college. She has taught swimming lessons to young children at a local college for several years. She has also worked as a camp counselor and lifeguard at the camp.

Aubrey keeps to a very strict diet and keeps a low blood phe level. She says, “I don’t take any chances with my diet and it is always my first priority.” She believes that “living with PKU has not only made me a stronger person but has inspired me to always do my best with my diet, school and always keep a positive outlook on life.”  At home, she makes her own meals or her mom prepares meals ahead for her. For school, she packs her lunch every day and says “I have always only eaten a low protein diet at home and if I go out to events I bring my own food. I have never had any problems speaking up and letting others know that I can’t have certain foods.”

Says a teacher, “Aubrey is a truly outstanding scholar and individual. She is one of the most intelligent students I have ever had the privilege of teaching. She can comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate complex material masterfully. She is a model student and a leader among her peers. She is an incredibly well-rounded person, socially and emotionally mature, and finds friends wherever she goes. She is extraordinarily well-liked by her peers and adults alike, because she is simply a wonderful person and refuses to be anyone but her genuine self.” Another says, “Aubrey is one of the most impressive students I have met in my teaching career. She is not only intelligent and hard-working, but creative, easy-going, and truly responsive to others. Because of her mature approach to her responsibilities, I often think of Aubrey as a colleague. I have no doubt that Aubrey will excel in whatever endeavor she tries.”