The Partnership for PKU Comes Through for All of us!

The Partnership for PKU was conceived as a mutual-aid society: Companies who make products compatible with the PKU diet help us by providing unrounded protein data (or sponsoring testing of their foods) and we share their products with the PKU community. Generally, this happens online: We add foods to, post in the HMP Facebook Group, give a shout-out on Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else the kids are using these days.

For this year’s National PKU Alliance Conference, we offered our partners a chance to support us in real life: by providing samples and coupons to some of their best customers: the PKU Community. The companies below responded with such generosity and enthusiasm that we were knocked over (literally, by the piles and piles of donations they provided). Please reach out to these companies on Facebook or Twitter, via their web sites, or over the old-fashioned telephone, to thank them for their ongoing support of the PKU community as we work to find affordable and tasty off-the-shelf options that work with the diet.