So Delicious Dairy Free Joins the Partnership for PKU!

We are pleased to announce that after several years of lobbying by PKU News and countless community members, So Delicious Dairy Free has joined the Partnership for PKU as a premier partner.

What Does That Mean? So Delicious is in the process of providing PKU News with the amino-acid-verified phe and protein values for its entire product line in the U.S. and Canada. We salute their management and marketing teams for hearing our pleas and responding in the best way possible. So Delicious will provide us with updates as new products are introduced and recipes are updated, so that will always contain the most up-to-date information possible for the entire So Delicious line.

When Will That Flavor I Love Be on We’ve published new/updated values for the first 20 products, and we expect testing to be complete on the full line by the end of March. So that means values for CocoWhip, new ice cream flavors like Toasted Coconut Key Lime, and the new cheese shreds should be available soon!

What Can I Do to Thank Them? We’re so glad you asked! Visit their Facebook page here, their Twitter feed here, and their web site contact page here. Send them a message that conveys how important their support of the metabolic community is to you. (And don’t be too shy to tag other food companies you’d like to see respond similarly!)