Patrick Dent, Columbia, IL

Patrick says “PKU taught me a sense of discipline at an early age. Because of this, I have learned to juggle a very busy schedule between school, sports, music, theatre, church, and my involvement in the PKU community,” and he has been able to excel in so many areas. His family works to educate Medical Students at Washington University on PKU, and he credits this involvement with a healthy and positive attitude toward managing his PKU. He excelled academically in high school, taking 4 AP classes and 4 honors classes. In addition to academics and sports, Patrick has a love of music, playing in school Jazz, marching, pep and concert bands! His passion is lighting design, and he was able to travel to New York in 2018 for theater and music. He plans to study Technical Direction in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University in the fall of 2020. Patrick credits not only his family, but his doctor and dietitians with helping him learn to manage PKU successfully.