It’s Time To GO LOW PRO

We’re thrilled to announce that the app is available for both iOS and Android. The (35,000+) locations we’ve added so far were suggested by #lowprotein community members or provided by participating brands, but the most important part of GO LOW PRO is YOU! Adding your local favorites, reviews of restaurants you visit, and products available at your local stores will make GO LOW PRO an even more valuable resource for the entire community. The app’s official web site is



  • 35,000+ stores and restaurants in the US & Canada with low-protein options
  • 65 brands participating at launch
  • Geolocate yourself or search by postal code
  • Save stores and restaurants to your favorites for easy access & return visits
  • Write restaurant reviews and add products so others can find your favorites


  • The app is $3.99 USD. All revenue supports continued app development and PKU News’ programs, which benefit the entire metabolic #lowprotein community.
  • While we’ve gotten you started on North American locations, we’re looking for partners in other countries. Learn more here.
  • Our goal is to support entire metabolic community. GO LOW PRO is better with you; the more content you add, the better the app gets for all of us.
  • GO LOW PRO doesn’t provide menus or phe values; as the app grows, user comments will enrich your experience, so don’t forget to contribute whatever you can!



Development of this app was made possible by: The Global Genes Foundation, MACPAD, The Michaux Family Foundation for PKU, NECPAD, & the Tennessee PKU Foundation.


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