Announcing: Go Low Pro

We all know managing the PKU diet takes a lot of planning, and sometimes it’s just not possible to be THAT prepared. Or maybe you’re traveling and need a few low-protein staples, stayed later than you expected at work, and need to refuel while staying within your allowance. Maybe you’re a teen who is suddenly finding it harder to stick to diet now that you’re out and about on your own more often.

Go Low Pro, a new smartphone app from National PKU News aims to eliminate the unfair situation so many who require low-protein diets often face: go hungry or go over your protein allowance; stay with your friends or go home and eat your low-protein foods, alone.  By leveraging Google Maps, the store data of the members of the Partnership for PKU, and the power of thousands of community members on low-protein diets, we’ll create an always-updated directory of restaurants and stores compatible with the low-protein diet, all accessible from your smart phone. Learn more here.