ALDI and the Partnership for PKU

The Partnership for PKU has been working with ALDI to try to find a way to get more products into How Much Phe for more than a year. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to make progress, despite best efforts by both parties. Please see the statement from ALDI below regarding why their unique business model makes providing unrounded protein difficult.

At ALDI, we understand the importance of knowing the nutritional makeup of your food, especially for people living with and those caring for loved ones with Phenylketonuria. We are pleased to be able to provide unrounded protein values for all foods within our Little Journey line.

ALDI has always done things differently. Unlike most other national grocery retailers, our business model has a significant emphasis on providing quality, private-label products at the best prices. To accomplish this, we work with different suppliers across the many regions in the U.S. where we operate. This means that protein values and formulations vary from time to time and by region for our private-label products. Because of this, we cannot broadly provide unrounded protein levels for other brands outside of Little Journey.

We know this information is vital to your shopping experience and we want to help you as best we can when you have questions. Please reach out to our customer service team with the name of the product in question and the UPC code from the packaging. Using that information, they can identify the appropriate supplier for the product and then provide the information you’re looking for:

What this means for you as a member of the How Much Phe community: HMP will not be adding any additional products from ALDI to the database, as we cannot ensure that values will be consistent across all markets.