Low Protein Imitation Cheese

Imitation cheese that is also low in protein is now available from several sources. These cheeses are suitable for the PKU diet and for other amino-acid restricted diets used in treatment of metabolic disorders. Information about the cheeses is given below. Please read all of it before buying imitation cheese. There is a great deal of information here, but all of it is important.

At the end of this piece, you will note that we are trying to keep an updated list of states and where the cheeses sold at retail can be found. Please let us know if you have located a new source in your state for either the Schreiber-manufactured or Whitehall-manufactured low protein imitation cheeses. Please e-mail parent Linda Gilbert with this information at: MacPKU@aol.com

This report gives information about cheese made by three companies: Whitehall Cheese Co., Schreiber Co. and Rella Good Cheese Co. Dietary Specialties also now carries an imitation low protein cheese with their label, sold through mail-order in the U.S. only (American Style Singles Imitation Cheese, and Shredded Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese mixed in a package): to order, call 1-888-MENU123. Nutrient information, including phenylalanine content, is on the label.

Special Note: Melting of Imitation Cheeses:
All of the low protein imitation cheeses are non-melting. They will soften with considerable heating, but due to the ingredients (mainly starch and oil), it is not possible for the cheese to melt like normal high protein cheese. It is the protein component of normal cheese that allows it to melt. If you add shredded cheese to a liquid for a sauce, you might have better "melting."

Brands covered in this document:

Ener-G Foods Imitation Cheeses

Ener-G Foods in Seattle, WA distributes cheddar and mozzarella cheeses in 2 lb. blocks. The cheese is shelf-stable (5 year shelf-life). It does not melt. The manufacturer is the Whitehall Cheese Co. Ener-G Foods has distributed this cheese since 1997 to US residents. For more information, call Ener-G Foods at: 1-800-767-6660 or e-mail samiii@ener-g.com.

Nutrient Content

Mozzarella, 1 oz (28 gm):
Phenylalanine (mg) 33
Protein (gm) 0.6 gm
Calories (Kcal) 78
Cheddar, 1 oz. (28 gm):
Phenylalanine (mg) 45 phe
Protein (gm) 0.6 protein
Calories (Kcal) 78

For Distribution Outside of the US

Canada: Contact Liv-n-Well at tel: 604-270-8474 or e-mail: zeno@direct.ca
UK/Ireland: contact David Green, General Dietary, Ltd., tel: 0181-336-2323 or e-mail: 106221.2663@compuserv.com
Other countries: Please inquire at 1-206-767-6660 or fax: 206-764-3398, or e-mail samiii@ener-g.com.


Whitehall Specialties Cheese Co.

Whitehall Specialties Cheese Co. in Wisconsin manufactures the cheeses distributed by Ener-G Foods. However, other varieties of Whitehall imitation low protein cheeses that are not sold by Ener-G Foods are found in some parts of the US, Canada, Mexico and South America at the retail level, under a variety of brand names.

General Information About Availability of Whitehall Cheeses

While the Whitehall Specialties Cheese Co. produces a number of different cheeses that are low to relatively low in protein, at least at this time (Fall 1999), you will likely only find one of them that comes in four flavors at the retail level. The others are almost exclusively sold to restaurants and institutions.
The varieties that you will NOT generally find at the retail level now are: the imitation cheddar and imitation mozzarella varieties that Ener-G Foods sells, imitation cream cheese, imitation parmesan, imitation fat free parmesan and romano mix, and imitation salad cheese.
The one cheese variety made by Whitehall that you would currently find at the retail level is their pasteurized, processed imitation sandwich slices. These are individually wrapped slices weighing 19 gm each. There are four flavors: plain, jalapeno flavor, pizza flavor, and suizo (swiss) flavor. The most commonly found flavor is the plain.

General Distribution of the Whitehall Cheeses

The cheese is sold all over the US and in some foreign countries as well (Canada, some parts of South America such as Honduras, Colombia, Guatamala and El Salvador, as well as Mexico).
The cheese is NOT sold in European countries at least at this time.

Specific Information about the Distribution of Whitehall Cheeses

The cheese is sold both under the Whitehall label (as Whitehall Specialties Pasteurized Processed Sandwich Slices), and under many other brand names as well.
Sometimes you should be able to identify the cheese, even if it has a different brand on it, by noting in fine print that it is manufactured or distributed by Whitehall Specialties, Whitehall, Wisconsin. Other times, the manufacturer may be obscured by the fact that someone else packaged it and the packager's name rather than the manufacturer's name could appear in fine print.

The UPC codes that identify the Whitehall Specialties label sliced cheese

plain flavor: #31249 73079 (yellow cheese) or #31249 73580 (white cheese)
jalapeno flavor: # 31249 73048
pizza flavor: #31249 73500
suizo flavor: #31249 78000
You could potentially identify the cheeses by these numbers, but they apply ONLY to the Whitehall label. If the cheese is sold under another label, the UPC code will be different. Each brand will have its own UPC code.

Nutrient Content of Whitehall Cheese Slices

The nutrient content, as calculated by the company, is as follows for one 19 gm slice of the individually packaged cheese:
Phenylalanine (mg) 29
Protein (gm) 0.7
Calories (Kcal) 57
For families of children with other metabolic diseases requiring restrictions of amino acids, one 19 gm slice of the cheese contains the following amino acids:
Tyrosine (mg) 32
Methionine (mg) 17
Valine (mg) 38
Leucine (mg) 52
Isoleucine (mg) 33
Threonine (mg) 23

Identifying the Whitehall Low Protein Imitation Cheeses

Another way to identify the cheese might be through the ingredient list. The Whitehall cheese has the following ingredients, in this very specific and exact order: If the label reads different in ANY way from this, it is NOT the same cheese! The Whitehall Specialties Cheese Co. makes other imitation cheeses with higher protein content, so beware. Always read the label to make sure there is only 1 gm of protein per 19 gm slice and that the cheese has the ingredients listed below in the exact same order.
Whitehall Imitation Cheese Slices "Plain Flavor"
(29 mg phe per 19 gm slice):
Water, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, food starch, casein and/or caseinate, whey, modified food starch, salt, natural flavor, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, stabilizers (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, sorbic acid (as a preservative), artificial color, lactic acid.
The label should include this nutrient information: Calories 60, Total Fat 5 gm, Saturated Fat 1 gm, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 230 mg, Total carbohydrates 2 gm, Dietary fiber 0 gm, Sugars 0 gm, Protein 1 gm
Whitehall Imitation Cheese Slices Suizo Flavor (Swiss)
(29 mg phe per 19 gm slice):
Water, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, food starch, casein and/or caseinate, whey, modified food starch, salt, natural flavor, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, stabilizers (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, sorbic acid (as a preservative), lactic acid, artificial flavor.
(Label is the same as the plain flavor, given above)
Whitehall Imitation Cheese Slices Pizza Flavor
(29 mg phe per 19 gm slice):
Water, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, food starch, casein and/or caseinate, jalapeno peppers, whey, modified food starch, salt, natural flavor, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, Pizza seasonings (dehydrated tomatoes, spices, dehydrated garlic, hydrolyzed soy protein), stabilizers (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, sorbic acid (as a preservative), natural flavor, artificial color and lactic acid.
(Label is the same as the plain flavor, given above)
WhiteHall Imitation Cheese Slices Jalapeno Flavor
(29 mg phe per 19 gm slice):
Water, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, food starch, casein and/or caseinate, whey, modified food starch, salt, natural flavor, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, stabilizers (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, sorbic acid (as a preservative), lactic acid, artificial flavor.
(Label is the same as the plain flavor, given above)

Comments on the Nutrient Values of the Whitehall Cheeses

(by Virginia Schuett, MS, RD, editor, National PKU News)
The nutrient values are calculated based on the ingredients used and the known content of those ingredients. The cheese was NOT analyzed by a laboratory (unlike the cheeses distributed by Ener-G Foods), which may give slightly different results. However, I have a fair degree of confidence in these numbers, after discussing them thoroughly with laboratory personnel at the Whitehall company. Since the only source of protein in the cheese is casein and/or caseinate and whey, and since the company now has very good amino acid information on these products from their supplier, I think the numbers are adequate for our use. (I suggest you consider adding a few extra mg of phe if you want to be super conservative and plan to use the cheese as a regular part of a very restricted diet.)

More Specifics About Distribution of the Whitehall Cheeses

Here is some general information, albeit incomplete, about the general distribution of Whitehall Specialties Cheese, either under the Whitehall label or another label (see the list at the very end of this piece for more specifics on distribution).
In Canada, the plain cheese from Whitehall is sold under the Okanagan Choice brand name. One member of the Listserv found it at Alberta's grocery store in western Canada. It is called Okanagan's Choice Sandwich Slices Made from Soya Oil. It is distributed in Canada by Hedway Sales, from Vernon, B.C. This product is sold in Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta and possibly other provinces (NOT Ontario, where apparently imitation cheese can't be sold).
By fall 1999, this brand name should also be available throughout the US, hopefully in Albertson's grocery stores, Safeway, and other major chains. They plan to sell not only the slices, but mozzarella (one that Ener-G now sells) and cream cheese, and probably parmesan. (See nutrient content of the cream cheese and parmesan cheese later in this piece.) The plain cheese is also sold under the Dayspring brand on Vancouver Island only.
See above about Okanagan Choice brand.
California, parts of Arizona: The plain version of the cheese slices are sold under the El Mexicano brand in all large supermarkets, especially any store where there is a hispanic display in the deli case (distributed by Marquez Brothers). They are just starting distribution in CA and parts of AZ, and maybe will extend to other states later.
New York: In Manhattan, the cheese slices (all flavors) under the Whitehall Specialties brand are sold at Jack's 99 stores under the Whitehall Specialties label.
Maryland and Pennsylvania: The cheese slices (all flavors) under the Whitehall Specialties brand are sold at Spain's or Dollar Express stores. Also at Dollarland in eastern PA.
New Jersey, Delaware: The cheese slices (all flavors) sold under the Whitehall Specialties brand are sold at Spain's or Dollar Express. Also at Dollarland in NJ.
Minnesota: The cheese slices sold under the Whitehall Specialties brand are available apparently mainly through Food Banks for low income families, but also a few grocery stores (not any large chain stores), but I don't have any names of stores to give.
Florida: The cheese slices (mainly plain and suizo varieties) sold under the Whitehall Specialties brand are available at some Publix stores and some other large supermarkets, especially one called Sedenos, a supermarket geared towards the Hispanic population (in fact, this is the store that apparently dominates in sales of Whitehall cheeses in Florida).

More Nutrient Data on Whitehall Cheeses

Here are some additional nutrient data and ingredient lists for the other cheeses that may become available in the US in Fall 1999, under the Okanagan Choice label (these items have no UPC codes yet):
Flavored Cream Cheese Replacer, 28 gm or 2 Tabl. serving
(this is currently available in at least some parts of Canada, but could be available through the Okanagan Choice label in the US in the fall)
Nutrient Content:
phenylalanine (mg) 53 mg (this is roughly 1/2 the phe content of regular cream cheese, which is 112 mg for the 28 gm serving size)
protein (gm) 1.07 gm
calories (Kcal) 90
Other amino acids:
tyrosine (mg) 58
methionine (mg) 31
valine (mg) 68
leucine (mg) 94
isoleucine (mg) 61
threonine (mg) 42
Water, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, caseinate, lactose, stabilizers (mono and digrlycerides, pectin, locust bean gum, agar, carrageenan, sodium phosphate, salt). modified food starch, natural flavor, salt, lactic acid, sorbic acid (as a preservative)
Selected Label Information:
Serving Size 1 oz. (28 gm)
Calories 90 Calories from fat 80
Protein 1 g
Imitation Parmesan Cheese, 5 gm serving (a VERY small serving size)
(This is currently not available at the retail level, but could be through the Okanagan Choice label in the US and Canada in fall 1999)
Nutrient Content:
phenylalanine (mg) 41 (this is roughly 1/2 the phe content of regular parmesan cheese, which is 98 mg for the same 5 gm serving size)
protein (gm) 0.82 gm
calories (Kcal) 15
Other amino acids:
tyrosine (mg) 45
methionine (mg) 24
valine (mg) 52
leucine (mg) 72
isoleucine (mg) 47
threonine (mg) 32
Water, modified food starch, casein and/or caseinate, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, cellulose powder, salt, sodium phosphates, stabilizers (mono and diglycerides, guar gum, carrageenan), natural flavor, lactic acid, sorbic acid (as a preservative).
Selected Label Information:
Serving Size 1 Tbsp. (5 g)
Calories 15 Calories from fat 10
Protein 1 g
Imitation Mozzarella, 30 gm serving (one of the cheeses Ener-G Foods now sells)
Nutrient Content:
phenylalanine (mg) 26 (Ener-G lab analysis reports 35 mg phe, however; use the value you feel comfortable with.)
protein (gm) 0.0.65 gm
calories (Kcal) 82
Other amino acids:
tyrosine (mg) 49
methionine (mg) 26
valine (mg) 57
leucine (mg) 85
isoleucine (mg) 43
threonine (mg) 36
Water, starch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, casein and/or caseinate, sodium phosphate, sorbic acid (as a preservative), carrageenan, natural flavor, lactic acid, artificial color.
Selected Label Information:
Serving Size 1/2 cup (30 g)
Calories 80 Calories from fat 50
Protein 1 g


Schreiber Co. Low Protein Imitation Cheese

The Schreiber Co. from Wisconsin also sells low protein imitation cheeses.
Schreiber Imitation American Cheese Slices
Nutrient Content (19 gm slice):
Phenylalanine (mg) 38
Protein (gm) 0.8
Calories (Kcal) 50
Water, Modified Food Starch, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Maltodextrin, Whey, Sodium Caseinate, Salt, Enzyme-Modified Cheese* (Cultured Milk, Water, Salt, Sodium Phosphate, Cream, Sodium Citrate, Enzymes, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Artificial Color), Guar Gum, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Artificial Color, Lactic Acid.
The label should include this nutrient information for 1 slice (19 gm) of cheese: calories 50, calories from fat 25, totol fat 3 g, sat. fat 0.5 g, polyunsat. fat 0 g, nonounsat. fat 2 g, cholesterol 0 mg, sodium 230 mg, total carbohydrates. 6g, fiber 0 g, sugars 1 g, protein 1 g
UPC Code: #30900 11171 (yellow cheese) or #30900 11173 (white cheese)
Schreiber Shredded Imitation Cheddar Cheese (2 lb. reclosable bag)
Nutrient Content (1 oz. or 28 gm):
Phenylalanine (mg) 20
Protein (gm) 0.4
Calories (Kcal) 77
Water, modified food starch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, whey, maltodextrin, corn syrup, salt, powdered cellulose added to prevent caking, guar gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan, sodium hexametaphosphate, enzyme-modified cheese (cultured milk, skim milk, water, cream, salt, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, sorbic acid [preservative], lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, artificial color, enzymes), sorbic acid (preservative), artificial color, artificial flavor.
The label should include this nutrient information for 1/3 cup (30 gm): calories 80, calories from fat 40, total fat 4.4 g, saturated fat 1 g, cholesterol 0, sodium 270 mg, total carbohydrate 9 g, dietary fiber 0 g, sugars 3 g, protein 0 g.
UPC Code: #30900 09996
Note: The phenylalanine calculations were performed by Virginia Schuett, RD and Belkys Prado, RD and were based on calculated protein content from Schreiber Foods, Inc.
Schreiber Cheeses At Publix Supermarket in Tampa, FL
Both the Schreiber single slices and the shredded cheddar cheeses are now available at the Publix Market in Tampa, Florida (This store also sells many other low protein items. For store location, store hours and directions, go to: http://home1.gte.net/magol/index.htm). The singles, under the label BetterValu Singles (one 19 gm slice is 38 mg phe), and the Schreiber Imitation Shredded Cheddar are both available on Aisle # 1. Identify the shredded cheddar by its UPC code of #30900 09996. Protein = 0 (28 gm or 1 oz. = 20 mg PHE). It is in a 2-lb. bag.


Vegan Rella Cheese

This cheese product is a contrast to the other imitation cheeses that are low in protein and phenylalanine. It is produced for a health-oriented consumer (they also produce tofu products) and therefore contains "all natural ingredients." The company is also unusual in that they give away all profits to charity. The plant where the cheese is made is located in Wisconsin, with an office in Santa Rosa, California. There should be no confusion about identifying this cheese, as it comes only under the Vegan Rella brand.

More about the cheese:

Ingredients: brown rice milk (water, organically grown brown rice), oat flour, canola oil, corn starch, salt, natural flavor, vitamins and minerals, Irish moss, sodium citrate, sorbic acid, carotene.
Flavors: It comes in two flavors, Cheddar style and Mozzarella style.
Packaging/labeling: It comes in an 8 oz (227 gm) package, a block of cheese rather than slices, and only under the Vegan Rella brand.
Nutrient Content:
1 oz. (28 gms) contains 37 mg phe, 0.83 gm protein, 70 calories. This is lower in phe than either the Whitehall or Schreiber imitations cheeses. To compare, using a 19 gm portion:
  • Schreiber: 19 gm slice 38 mg phe
  • Whitehall: 19 gm slice 29 mg phe
  • Vegan Rella: 19 gm slice 25 mg phe (estimate based on lab analyzed protein content)

Where to Purchase

The Vegan Rella cheese is available in health food stores and health-oriented grocery stores. It is sold nationwide, in every state, though of course not all health food stores will carry it.
The company does not have a complete list of specific stores carrying the product, as they sell the cheese to distributors (just like Whitehall and Schreiber).

Web site

The web site of the parent company, Tree of Life, is http://us.treeoflife.com. You also can contact the company by calling 707-576-7050 for coupons and recipes.

Other comments about the cheese

Like the Whitehall and Schreiber cheeses, the Vegan Rella does not melt like traditional cheese. It will soften with heating, but needs to be protected from direct extreme heat. If you are going to subject it to high heat, such as baking at high temperature on a pizza, you would need to put a piece of foil over it or bury the cheese with other ingredients.
The texture of this cheese is more dry than the sliced Whitehall or Schreiber cheeses. It also has a somewhat more pronounced flavor, not as mild as the Whitehall or Schreiber cheeses. It grates beautifully, and I think would make a good ingredient for many recipes (sauces, etc.)
UPC Codes:
Mozzarella style #37983 00016
Cheddar style #37983 00015


Cheeses with Protein Content Higher Than One Gram Per Serving

There are other imitation cheeses on the market (at least in the US) that contain more than 1 gm of protein per 19 gm slice. These are made by the Schreiber Co., Whitehall Specialties Cheese Co., and perhaps others. Beware: The phenylalanine content of even a 2 gm per slice cheese could be significantly higher than the 1 gm per slice. Since the protein content on food labels is a rounded figure, the 2 gm could actually be as low as 1.5 gm or as high as 2.4 gm and still be labeled as 2 gm of protein. If it is as high as 2.4 gm, then the phe content could be as high as 120 mg per slice! With the Schreiber and Whitehall cheeses that are labeled as just 1 gm of protein per slice, the phe content is 38 mg (Schreiber) or 29 mg (Whitehall). We do not have data on phe content of cheeses other than these!


"Cheese Sightings" (Both Whitehall and Schreiber manufacturers)

Below is a list of specific locations where the cheeses have been found. Please add to this list if you find a new location in your area for cheese, by either manufacturer. Due to the great interest of families and young people with PKU, Pennsylvania Parent Linda Gilbert has graciously volunteered to coordinate the effort to locate the brands and grocery stores where these cheeses are sold. Please send any information you have about brands, UPC codes and distribution locations of the cheese to her at MacPKU@aol.com or to the PKU mailing list. Also, please identify whether the cheese is the Whitehall or Schreiber cheese, based on the ingredient and label information (check against the information provided earlier in this piece).
FMV label, Fredmeyers Store (Schreiber)
B Mexicano label (Whitehall)
FMV label, Fredmeyers Store in Mesa (Schreiber)
American Heritage label, Pavillion/Vons in Los Angeles (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Albertson/Ralph’s in Sun City/Hemet and all area Stores in Upland (Whitehall)
B Mexicano label, available throughout California (Whitehall)
Whitehall label (pizza flavor only) at Rainbow Canned Foods Grocery Outlet in Redding (Whitehall)
Whitehall label (jalapeno flavor only), at Payless Foods on Rinaldi and Laurel Canyon in San Fernando (Whitehall)
Okanagan Choice label, Extra Foods, Coopers, IGA/Kelowna in Manitoba, BC and Alberta (Whitehall)
Dayspring label, available in Vancouver Island (Whitehall)
Okanagan Choice label (slices and grated parmesan), Superstore at the corner of Gateway and McLeod; The marketplace on North Kildonan on Henderson Highway; DancyT's in Lac Du Bonnet BM. all in Winnepeg, Manitoba (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Spain’s, Dollarland, Dollar Express throughout Delaware (Whitehall)
McClary’s label, Sav A Lot/Orange Avenue in Orlando (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Publix in Sedenos (Whitehall)
McClary’s label, Publix throughout Florida (Schreiber)
American Heritage label, throughout Florida (Schreiber)
Better Value, available at 22 U-Save Markets in Tampa (Schreiber)
Better Buy label, Foodland, mililani on Oahu (Schreiber)
McClary’s label, Sav A Lot in Quincy (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Lo Bill Store in Anderson (Whitehall)
Always Best and Choice labels, most Hen House and Price Chopper stores (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Spains, Dollar Express and Dollarland throughout Maryland (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Super K-Mart in Southeast Michigan (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Thriftway in Chrystal (Whitehall)
Fame label, More 4 Foods Store in Farmington (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Sullivan’s New Market in Minneapolis (Whitehall)
Fame label, Econo Foods in Waterloton (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Byerly's in St. Cloud (this is a large chain store)
McClary’s label, Save A Lot in Dexter (Schreiber)
Always Save label, Wallace/Owens Country Mart in Dexter (Schreiber)
Always Best and Best Choice labels, most Hen House/Price Chopper stores
New Jersey
Whitehall label at Family Dollar on Black Horse Pike in Bellmawr (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Spain’s/Dollar Express/DollarLand throughout NJ
Tropical label, Pathmark stores in Union and Parsippany (Schreiber)
New York
StarFire Farms label, Shop Rite in Croton on Hudson (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Jack’s 99 Cent Store in Manhattan (Whitehall)
StarFire Farms label, Shop Rite in Westchester County (Whitehall)
New York: Tropical label, at Pathmark in Portchester (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Super K-Mart in Fremont (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Dave’s Market in Lima (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Jubilee in Pisgah/Carlisle (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Hometown Market in Utica
Always Save label, Food Warehouse in Oklahoma City (Schreiber)
FMV label, Fredmeyer Stores in Portland (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Dollar Express/Franklin Mills in Philadelphia (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Mike’s Riverside Market in Reynoldsville (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Jubilee Grocery Store in State College (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Spain’s/Dollar Express/Dollarland throughout Philadelphia
Whitehall/StarFire labels, Dollar Express in Philadelphia (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Wilson’s Meats in Philadelphia (Whitehall)
Whitehall label, Jubilee Grocery Store in Altoona (Whitehall)
Tropical label, Tioga Supermarket in Philadelphia (Schreiber)
Tropical label, (72 slices/3lb - $3.99), Shop Rite/Aramingo in Philadelphia (Schreiber)
South Dakota
Fame label, Econo Foods in Watertown (Schreiber)
Vegan Rella, Sun Harvest Market in Austin
Better Buy label, The Market Place in Tacoma (Schreiber)
Fredmeyers/X Value label, Fredmeyer stores throughout Washington (Schreiber)
Whitehall label, Pic N Save in Shawano (Whitehall)


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