Drug Products Containing Phenylalanine


Cold and Allergy Non-prescription Products
Alka-Seltzer Plus sparkling original flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Cough medicine 11mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Sinus 4mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine cherry flavor 5.6mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine orange zest flavor 4.2mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Flu w/Max-Strength Pain Reliever, honey orange 6.7mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Nose and Throat Cold Medicine, citrus blend 5.6mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine 7.8mg/tablet
Augmentin 200mg 2.1mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg 4.2mg/tablet
Benadryl allergy and sinus fastmelt 4.6mg/tablet
Benadryl allergy chewables 4.2mg/tablet
Benadryl, Childrens allergy and cold fast melt tablets 4.6mg/tablet
Childrens PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold Chewables, Cherry flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Diabetic Tussin Maximum strength DM 8.4mg/teaspoon
Diabetic Tussin Regular strength DM 8.4mg/teaspoon
Halls sugar free menthol cough supressant drops 2mg/drop
Ricola Sugar free herb throat drops 1mg/drop
Robitussin sugar free throat drops 3.37mg/drop
Sudafed childrens chewables 0.78mg/tablet
TheraFlu Maximum strength Flu and Congestion non-drowsy 24mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Flu and Sore throat packets 22mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Severe cold and congestion night time 17mg/packet
TheraFlu Maximum Strength Severe cold and congestion non-drowsy 17mg/packet
TheraFlu Regular Strength Cold and Sore throat packets 11mg/packet
TheraFlu Regular strength Cough and Cold packet 13mg/packet
Triaminic softchews allergy and congestion 17.6mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews allergy, runny nose and congestion 17.5mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews cough 22.5mg/tablet
Triaminic softchews cough and sore throat 28.1mg/tablet
Wal-Flu Maximum strength non-drowsy Flu, Cough and Cold (Walgreens brand) 0mg phe
Wal-Flu Regular strength Cough and Cold (Walgreens Brand) 0mg phe
Walgreens Effervescent Cold Relief Plus, original flavor 8.4mg/tablet
Wal-Tussin DM Clear (Walgreens brand) 14mg/teaspoon
Valu-Rite Expectorant DM clear cough syrup 14mg/teaspoon
Analgesic Non-prescription Products
Advil, Childrens 50mg chewable tablets grape 2.1mg/tablet
Advil, Junior strength 100mg fruit 4.2mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer PM 4.04mg/tablet
Excedrin Quick Tabs Free
Motrin, Junior Strength chewable tablets 100mg grape 2.8mg/tablet
Motrin. Childrens chewable tablets 50mg orange/grape flavor 1.4mg/tablet
Non-Aspirin, Childrens soft chewable tablets all flavors (Walgreens brand) 6mg/tablet
Non-Aspirin, Junior strength all flavors (Walgreens brand) 12mg/tablet
Tempra quicklets childrens or junior stengths 21mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer antacid and pain relief medicine lemon-lime 9mg/tablet
Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief lemon lime 11mg/2 tablets
Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief 9mg/tablet
Chooz antacid/calcium supplement 2.4mg/tablet
Surpass antacid chewable gum extra Strength wintergreen flavor 3.9mg/piece
Surpass antacid chewable gum Regular strength fruit flavor 3.9mg/piece
Citrucel sugar free fiber therapy 52mg/adult dose(10.2gm)
Maalox Quick dissolve Max Stength assorted flavor or lemon flavor 0.9mg/tablet
Maalox Quick dissolve Max Stength wild berry flavor 0.5mg/tablet
Metamucil sugar free fiber Orange flavor 25mg/teaspoon
Reguloid sugar free regular flavor 6mg/rounded teaspoon
Reguloid sugar free orange flavor 30mg/rounded teaspoon
NVP sugar free orange flavor (Walgreens brand) 21mg/teaspoon
Medilax chewable tablets 2mg/tablet
Vitamins and Minerals
Citracal Liquitab Effervescent tablets 12mg/tablet
Bugs Bunny complete, plus iron or plus extra vit C chewable tablets 3mg/tablet
Bugs Bunny childrens chewable tablets 2mg/tablet
Centrum Junior chewable tablets 4mg/tablet
Flinstones vitamins complete or with calcium 2mg/tablet
Garfield complete with mineral chewable vitamins 3mg/tablet
Sunkist multivitamin complete 4mg/tablet
Sunkist multivitamins plus iron or plus extra C chewable tablets 6mg/tablet
Electrolyte Replacement
Pedialyte freezer pops 16mg/pop
Kao Lectrolyte electrolyte replenisher unflavored or bubble gum 11mg/packet
Kao Lectrolyte electrolyte replenisher grape flavor 23mg/packet
Motion Sickness and Nausea Medicine
Dramamine chewable formula tablets 1.5mg/tablet
Dramamine chewable tablets 1.5mg/tablet
Nauzene chewable tabs for nausea wild cherry 18mg/4 tablets
DentiPatch 0.62mg/system
Kank-a Professional Strength oral solution contains aspartame
Phazyne quick dissolve 125mg chewable tablets 0.4mg/tablet
Antibiotics and Antivirals  
Amoxicillin 250mg chew tabs by WarnerChilcott 2mg/tablet
Amoxil 200mg chewable tablet 1.82mg/tablet
Amoxil 400mg chewable tablet 3.64mg/tablet
Augentin 200mg/5ml suspension 7mg/5ml
Augmentin 200mg chewable tablet 2.1mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg chewable tablet 4.2mg/tablet
Augmentin 400mg/5ml suspension 7mg/5ml
Augmentin ES 600mg/5ml 7mg/5ml
Cefzil 125mg/5ml 28mg/5ml
Cefzil 250mg/5ml 28mg/5ml
Penicillin V Potassium for Oral Susp (by Warner Chilcott) 4mg/5ml
Videx chewable tablet (all strengths) 36.5mg/tablet
Viracept powder for Oral Suspension 11.2mg/GM of powder
Zyvox 100mg/5ml suspension 20mg/5ml
Zofran ODT 4mg <0.03mg/tablet
Zofran ODT 8mg <0.03mg/tablet
Antilipemics (Cholesterol)  
Cholestyramine powder 14mg/packet
Colestid flavored granules 15-18mg/7.5mg dose
Prevalite powder 14mg/packet
Questran Lite powder 17 mg / 5 gm
Antipsycotics and Antidepressants  
Remeron 15ng Soltabs 2.6mg/tablet
Remeron 30mg Soltabs 5.2mg/tablet
Remeron 45mg Soltabs 7.8mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 5mg ODTablet 0.34mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 10mg ODTablet 0.45mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 15mg ODTablet 0.67mg/tablet
Zyprexa Zydis 20mg ODTablet 0.90mg/tablet
Singulair 5mg chewable tablet 0.842mg/tablet
H-2 Antagonists (stomach)  
Pepcid 20mg RPD Tablet 1.05mg/tablet
Pepcid 40mg RPD tablet 2.10mg/tablet
Zantac efferdose tablets and granules 16.84mg/150mg
Migraine treatment  
Maxalt-MLT 5mg tablet 1.05mg/tablet
Maxalt-MLT 10mg tablet 2.1mg/tablet
Transplant medication  
CellCept Oral Suspension 0.56mg/ml


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