Introduction to Drug Products Containing Phenylalanine

The information in this table of the phe content of aspartame-containing drug products was gathered by PKU father and pharmacist, Brandon Garde, Fairhaven, MA.

The table only includes name-brand products. There are so many different generic companies producing some of these products, particularly the vitamins, that it would be nearly impossible to make a complete listing of every generic manufacturer with the amount of phenylalanine in each of their products. But these tables provide a good guideline for what kind of products might contain aspartame as a sweetener (for example, chewable vitamins), so a pharmacist has a good idea about which product labels need to be closely read. In the U.S., any non-prescription medicine will list the phe content on the outside label. This will NOT apply to herbal products since they are not regulated by the FDA. Any prescription medicine will list the Phe content in the package insert, which the pharmacist should have readily available.

Any product that targets children as its main consumer has a high likelihood of containing aspartame. The product labeling should be carefully checked. The same is true for any product that is labeled "sugar-free."

Phenylalanine content equals one half the amount of aspartame. If a products label lists the amount of aspartame in mg, divide that number by 2 and you’ll know how much phe is in the product. Some drug products now actually contain the phe content on the label.

Table of Drug Products Containing Phenylalanine

Remember: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Generic brands are not included. Check with a pharmacist of you have questions about aspartame in medicines.


Last update: 08/02
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